I Work With Two Kinds of Women

Women who want to update their style in midlife…


As we enter midlife, many of us undergo substantial physical and personal transformations.


Our bodies go through changes that may result in different body shapes, sizes, and styles than we’ve been used to, and our personalities evolve, consequently leading to new preferences and needs.


Upgrading our wardrobe to suit these changes is imperative, even if we’re not working. A well-curated wardrobe can positively impact our confidence and self-esteem, helping us exude a sense of poise, sophistication, and style.


By investing in your wardrobe, you invest in yourself, taking pride in your style and showing the world that you’re embracing this new phase of life with grace and confidence.


With my expertise as a style coach:

  • I will help you navigate life & style changes
  • Identify your best colors
  • Recommend makeup & hair updates
  • Select styles that suit your body shape
  • Curate a personal style that is unique to you 


We will uncover the gems hidden in your existing wardrobe, help you pack away the clothes that no longer serve you, and curate a wardrobe that makes you look and feel fabulous.


Remember, beauty is ageless, and by upgrading your wardrobe, let’s celebrate this new chapter and showcase the stunning, confident, and sophisticated woman you are.


This is the foundation of standout style, but it isn’t entry level. It’s style mastery.


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… and midlife women who want to elevate a personal brand image that commands attention.


Elevate Your Personal Brand Image and Stand Out in Your Industry


Do you ever feel like your personal style is holding you back from achieving your full potential in your industry?


As a midlife woman, it's time to elevate your personal brand image and create a style that truly reflects your expertise and leadership.


Your personal brand image is how others perceive you, and it can have a significant impact on your career success.


By projecting a visually appealing, cohesive, and professional image, you can make a lasting first impression that sets you apart from your competitors and opens up new opportunities.


As a style coach, I can help you design a unique identity that showcases your values, passions, and goals.


We'll create a personal brand image that exudes confidence, style, and poise - everything you need to stand out as an authority in your industry.


Don't let your personal style hold you back from your full potential.


Elevate your personal brand image today and create the career success you deserve. Let's work together to unleash your full potential and make a powerful impact in your industry.


A standout personal brand image requires an all out mentorship and this is what I give you!


Don't let uncertainty hold you back!


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Together, we’ll create a personalized roadmap that empowers you to move forward with clarity and confidence.


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