How I got my mojo back!

As a mom who raised 4 children under the age of 6, I was exhausted, fueled with coffee that had to be warmed up three times a day, and went to the gym just to be able to have childcare watch my littles so I could get a shower.

At some point between having my job as a fashion merchandiser with CK Jeans that covered Arizona, New Mexico & Texas and leaving work to have my first baby, I stopped paying attention to what I was wearing. 

I just wanted to wear a clean shirt.

And that pretty much sums up my attitude about my style and you could tell by what I wore, jeans and a clean shirt.

At the age of 40 and finally waking up in the morning rested, I decided I was ready to start taking care of me.

I started using my training as a style expert and aligned my image with who I was. I stopped trying to fit into someone else mold from the inside out. I had gain enough wisdom to know what changes I needed to make in my life and my fashion decisions followed suit.

When I made the decision to start to live my life & style intentionally, my whole world started to change. 

I started to curated my closet with clothes that were more than jeans & a t-shirt or athletic clothes.  

I asked myself how do I want to feel today instead of what do I feel like wearing.

The mom haze faded and I was excited to get up every morning, my dreams for my life expanded, and I loved who I was.

I knew I needed to share this powerful art of style I created with other midlife women.

What we wear matters! 

Fast forward to 2019 – I am now helping midlife professional women create standout style and build their confidence to command their future success through image and style coaching. 

The future is YOURS!

It’s time to reclaim your confidence and look good while doing it.

Breaking free from other people’s opinions and allowing yourself to be seen and standout in your industry won’t feel natural to you at first.

I take my clients on a journey of becoming a new version of themselves as we reinvent their life and their image.

Some of the benefits my clients experience from the coaching are:

  1. Improved Self-Confidence
  2. Builds A Memorable Image
  3. Commands Authority In Their Industry
  4. Developments A New Sense of Style
  5. Understanding of What They are Creating in Their Life

Don’t underestimate the power of a midlife women – She is strong, wise and stylish as ever.

Embrace your next season in life by owning every inch of who you, deciding who you want to be, and what image do you want to tell the world who you are.

Let’s go!

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